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Scholarship faq's

Got questions about the RedTails Flight Academy scholarship?  We are here to help, click on a question below to reveal answers.

Can I receive more than one scholarship?

Yes. applicants can apply for multiple scholarships.

What is different with 2022 scholarship offerings and why?

The Academy has decided not to participate in the time building phase of training candidates. The conscious effort by the BOD was made as a result of financial obligation to each student and an effort to affect more pilot participation.

How do I qualify?

Please click on link to see qualification requirements - Click Here

How Do I apply?

Applications will be available online after April 20, 2022 thru May 20,2022

What is the decision-making process?

All applications will be reviewed by RFA selection board of review

What is the training timeline?

All training scholarships will be awarded in 6-week blocks. RFA will have 5 sessions of 6-week blocks throughout the scholarship year.

Can I select the dates I want to come to program?

Applicants can request their priority sessions after successful selection, but sessions will may not be guaranteed.

Where is the program located?

All training takes place at the New York Stewart International Airport and surrounding authorized training airports. Stewart is a tower-controlled airport located in the Hudson Valley, New York.

Why are full scholarships not offered?

Our BOD strategic vision is to impact the lives of as many aviators as possible. In addition, the cost of training one individual from zero time to commercial license has a tremendous cost. Approximately 120 hours of the commercial license is “Time Building” and these dollars can be used towards other pilot candidates.

Where will I stay?

Scholarships will not pay for room or board and we will not actively participate in any housing in 2022-2023. Candidates will have to find their own accommodations. There are several short stay hotels in the area. Airbnb and VRBO are options to be explored by candidates.

Are there Prerequisites?

Please click on link to see qualification requirements - Click Here

Are there work opportunities?

No specific work opportunities will exist at RFA.

Are there Internship opportunities?

Internships will be offered by our Partner Ambassadors throughout the year. Candidates will be vetted by the internship committed in addition to interviews by the Partner Ambassador.

How long is the maintenance program?

As of this writing our airframe and powerplant maintenance offering is not yet codified. Updates to the program should be anticipated before scholarship year begins.

Will RFA be offering any other aviation opportunities?

RFA will continuously strive to create partnerships opportunities that will add to the aviation career opportunities. As they become available, RFA will make announcements on an ongoing basis.

What do I need to do before I show up?

Scholarship students will have to have taken and passed the written exam for the scholarships they receive. A passing grade of 85% will be required to receive the scholarship offer.

Should I get an orientation flight?

Required prior to program entry.

Do the 3 different scholarship '6-week' training periods happen at different times of the year with no overlap?

There will be six week blocks of training, the type of training within the block can be any of the offerings (i.e., instrument, commercial and private can be ongoing with different students during the 6-week block).

Does RFA pay for the 40 Hours of Flying required for the Private and Instrument Pilot training?

Yes, we will pay for the 40-hour maximum that the scholarship offers, if student exceeds the 40 hours, they will have to fund themselves for the remainder.

Does RFA pay the final Private and Instrument Pilot training 'check ride' fee?

Yes, we will pay(Up to $800).

Regarding local housing: If the cost of housing is based on double occupancy, is each student only responsible for half (1/2) of the total 6-week cost? EXAMPLE: 6 weeks (42 days minimum) at approximately $100 / day equals $4,200. Will each student be required to pay only $2,100 for the 6-week period housing cost?

We are not  in the housing business this year, however if the students want to stay at the preferred hotel to get our preferred rate of $99, then they would have to commit to $2100 for the 6-week block regardless of how long in the rooms (no pro ration), provided a double occupancy partner is available.

What other 'non-housing' costs are the responsibility of the student. EXAMPLES: All meals, transportation to / from local housing to campus, iPad, etc.?

Yes, all of the above. iPads, uniform, meals (Breakfast at Homewood included), incidentals. Travel within 5 miles is provided by hotel.

How long is the typical daily flying lesson? What is the maximum number of hours in a given day that students will be required to fly?

The most they would fly in one day is 2, 3-hour blocks of lessons (6 hours). Ground school in combination with a flight lesson.

Does time in the simulator count as flying time (towards the 40-hour requirement)?

The hours set forward in the scholarships is maximum time offered by RFA in airplane. By FAA regulations, the private pilot can use a max of 2.5 hours, for the Commercial, they can use a maximum of 50 hours of the required 250. For the instrument, it may be up to 20 hours.

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