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scholarship offerings

Private Pilot (6)
40 Hours Maximum
Private Pilot Ground School
10 Hours Maximum
Instrument Pilot (6)
40 Hours Maximum
Instrument Ground School
10 Hours Maximum
Commercial Pilot (6)
40 Hours Maximum
Commercial Pilot Ground School
10 Hours Maximum

more details

18-25 YOA
Student Out of Pocket expenses
Housing, food, incidentals,Jepp program, iPad
Total Scholarships offers
6-week blocks (5 Cycles throughout year)
Program Hours
Program Dates
May 1, 2023
Registration Websites
Application Open
February 9, 2023
Application Closes
February 28, 2023
Scholarship Announcements
April 1, 2023

scholarship Candidates

Able to submit a complete application by May 20 of current year
A high school graduate by end of the current school year
An African American or person of color
Between 18 years of age to 25 years of age by September 5th of current year
Able to spend up to 10months in residence (NY Stewart International Airport)
Be a US citizen or legal resident
Possess a First Class Medical
Able to pass a federal and state background check
Able to interview in person or via video conference
Private pilot written exam passed with 85% or better (prior to program entry)
Proof of introductory flight at local home airport
Recommended by or be a member of a local Tuskegee Airmen Chapter
Scholarship Candidates

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